How to Survive in the Faerie World

Have you heard the news? The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is a New York Times bestseller! Yes, the queen of YA faerie fantasy has returned with a twisted and delicious new novel—the first in a trilogy! Our protagonist, Jude Duarte, is a mortal who has managed to survive in the dangerous world of Faerie through a combination of quick thinking, constant vigilance, and luck. Think you have what it takes to journey into a land as enchanting as it is deadly? Here are our top tips before you go…

1. Remember that fairies are gorgeous… but dangerous. Prince Cardan, Jude’s longtime nemesis, is a particularly harsh reminder of this principle. He’s inhumanely attractive but has viciously tormented Jude and her twin sister for years.

“They’re beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire. They will live forever.”

2. Be wary of food and drink. The sweets and wine filling the banquet tables at every faerie feast look tempting but can send humans into a dangerous dreamlike state.

“Faerie fruit, which muddles the mind, which makes humans crave it enough to starve themselves for another taste…”

3. Learn how to resist faerie enchantments–they can hypnotize you to do anything. Remember the Imperius Curse from Harry Potter? Yeah, faerie glamour is a little like that… capable of forcing humans to walk happily to their deaths if they don’t have the proper protective enchantments.

“I can practically smell the glamour in the air. He’s weaving magic with his words.”

4. Sometimes planning won’t be enough and you’ll have to face the faeries head-on, with a knife, sword, or arrows… so make sure you can use them. Jude’s stepfather Madoc, a general, taught her how to handle a blade, and she trains regularly to keep herself sharp.

“There are so many broken things that I don’t know how to fix. But I know how to fight.”

5. Remember that you will never be one of them… but there are advantages to being human, like being able to lie. And of course, the faeries eternally underestimate mortals. It just might be their downfall.

“If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse.”

Are you ready? The Cruel Prince is out now, waiting for you to enter a world unlike any other… enjoy!

Cruel Prince by Holly Black