Beach Board Books

It’s SUMMER and that usually means fun in the sun and outdoor activities like going to the beach however right now there is a lot of uncertainty about…almost everything. In some places beaches are open and in some they aren’t. Whether you have plans to take your young one to the beach or not we have the perfect reads for you. Plus, board books hold up pretty well against sand, salt, and summery snacks! Check out our list of board books you can bring to the beach, or board books that can help you pretend you’re at the beach. Whatever works for you.


Underwater Doggies Colors

by Seth Casteel

This vibrant board book teaches your little one how to identify colors through a combination of simple text and hilarious portraits of exuberant pooches chasing after their favorite toys and swimming underwater. It’s a unique, and adorable, look at a puppy pool party!


Underwater Doggies 1,2,3

by Seth Casteel

Counting doggies, one, two, three.

How many doggies can you see?

If you’re a fan of the UNDERWATER DOGGIES COLORS, the playful pups also take on counting! Numbers have never been so doggone fun! With even more dogs diving underwater, your young reader will be encouraged to count from one to ten.


The Watermelon Seed

by Greg Pizzoli

Was this anyone else’s fear as a kid? Crocodile loves watermelon, but what will happen when his greatest fear of swallowing a watermelon seed comes to pass? Will vines sprout out his ears? Will his skin turn pink? Only one thing is certain: his wild imagination will have kids laughing out loud and begging for another read.


The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon

by A. N. Kang

Papillon is a very fluffy kitty. So fluffy that he’s lighter than air! His owner tries to weigh him down, but Papillon just wants to fly. One particularly sunny day, he floats right out the window! Exploring the wide world is exhilarating, but it’s also a little scary. Will his new friend be able to help him return home? This popular Papillon picture book is available as a board book as well, for the youngest cat lovers.


Little Bee

by Edward Gibbs

All the animals are running away, but what are they afraid of? Find out in this action-packed book that will have all little children wanting to turn the pages and join in. It quietly and easily introduces bigger concepts of ecosystems, food chains, and environments. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s thought provoking, and the surprise ending brings it right back to the beginning— to be enjoyed all over again!


Shark vs. Train

by Chris Barton; Illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

If you think Superman vs. Batman would be an exciting matchup, wait until you see Shark vs. Train. In this hilarious and wacky board book, Shark and Train egg each other on for one competition after another, including burping, pie eating, hide and seek and many more!

Who do YOU think will win, Shark or Train?


Boat Book

by Gail Gibbons

A bright flotilla awaits in this exciting nonfiction board book—perfect for toddlers who love things that go, go, go!
Rowboats, canoes, sailboats, speedboats, cruise ships, submarines, tugboats, and more! Boats come in all sizes and we use them in different ways: for recreation, for transportation, and even for fighting fires. Learn all about how boats move, and what we use them for in this sturdy, and bright board book. And if you’re lucky enough to be by the beach, maybe you can spot one out on the seas!