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Books that Celebrate Connecting Across Boundaries


Today more than ever, connecting with others is on our minds. We are all seeking connection; maybe it’s with your loved ones near or far, or maybe it’s connecting with those in need. But despite the challenges that are keeping us apart, we’re finding new means each day to be there for one another. If you are looking for positive reminders of the many, various ways in which our boundaries can’t stop us, take a look at these five inspiring stories of friendship!


The Invisible Web

by Patrice Karst; illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

If there was ever a perfect book for our current experience, this is it. Building off of ideas introduced in The Invisible String—where we learned that no matter how far apart we may be, our love binds us through an invisible string—this story celebrates the way in which all of our strings intersect to form a web that connects us across the entire universe. The Invisible Web glows with upbeat positivity and is a great reminder that we’re all in this together.


Mermaid and Me

by Soosh

Two unlikely friends are divided in many ways… One has a tail and lives in the water, while the other walks on two legs and lives on the land. Rather than these distinct differences driving them apart, the two of them discover new ways in which they can go on adventures together. When a stormy night threatens to tear them apart, what will they do to stop it? This story is a wonderfully whimsical celebration of friendship.


Drawn Together

by Minh Lê; illustrated by Dan Santat

When a boy is dropped off for a visit with his grandfather, we learn that the two of them are very different from one another. The boy is young, and his grandfather is old, they don’t eat the same foods, or watch the same tv shows—they don’t even speak the same language! But when the grandfather realizes they both love to draw, their connection begins to grow. This beautifully illustrated story shows us the way bonds can form through the power of art and storytelling, and that not all love requires words.


Bear Came Along

by Richard T. Morris; illustrated by LeUyen Pham

None of them knew they were in for an adventure. Not the bear, not Froggy, not the turtles, nor the beaver, not even the river itself! So, when a bear begins an accidental trip down a river running through a forest, he picks up a number of unexpected friends along the way. Thanks to the river for bringing them all together, as the journey is far more exciting when travelled as one. Bear Came Along is all about celebrating the importance of community and togetherness, even when it turns up where you least expect it.



by Ani Castillo

Sometimes we could all use a bit of encouragement to put ourselves out there, make human connections, and embrace each of our own unique self-expressions. Like sending a text, we learn that for every “ping” we put out into the world, we receive a “pong” in return. Between the imaginative message and the adorable, brightly colored illustrations, prepare to feel inspired to spread a little joy.