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Dragon Books for Dragon Lovers

My favorite mythical creature is the dragon and if I could be anything in life it would be a dragon rider. Me and my dragon best friend would do everything together. We would rule to skies. It would be glorious. Even though I know that it will never come true, I can still dream! Because I don’t have a dragon of my own to love, I read all the stories that featured dragons and fell in love with the ones within the pages. If your young one is anything like me and wants a dragon, I have some books with dragons they can love instead. (Because trust me, you DON’T want a dragon.)


How to Train Your Dragon

by Cressida Cowell

I thought I would start the list with my favorite dragon: TOOTHLESS! Has your little reader seen the movies and just melted at Toothless the same way I have? Even if they haven’t seen the films, this is their chance to read the books that inspired the movies. Join young Viking Hiccup as he finds a dragon, as he trains it, and as they face down not one but two monstrous Sea Dragons…all the while becoming best friends.


What We Found in the Corn Maze and How it Saved a Dragon

by Henry Clark

Travel with Cal, Drew and Modesty when they find a book of magic spells that can only be cast for a few short minutes a day. When the group is suddenly whisked away to a magical realm that is about to lose their very last dragon, these courageous kids will have to use the spell book to find a way to save it. The only problem? They still aren’t sure when the magic works.

For a sneak peek, watch some of the LBYR crew read an excerpt here.


Dragon Ops

by Mari Mancusi

An augmented-reality video game theme park and a rogue AI dragon. Be on the lookout because this could be our reality soon. Enter DRAGON OPS at your own risk, beta players, because a rogue dragon AI took over the game and you could get trapped inside just like Ian, Lily and Derek. Without cheat codes or guidebooks, can the gang beat the game and save not only the virtual world, but the real one as well? You’ll just have to enter DRAGON OPS to find out.


Fire Truck vs. Dragon

by Chris Barton; illustrated by Shanda McCloskey

Fire-breathing Dragon meets Fire-putting-out Truck. These two fearless characters would seem to be sworn enemies. But in this companion book to the beloved SHARK VS. TRAIN, Fire Truck and Dragon might have a lot more in common than you might think…


Puff the Magic Dragon

by Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton; illustrated by Eric Puybaret

A lovely picture book based on the classic children’s song. Follow Puff and his friend Jackie Paper as they explore the land of Honalee and meet all kinds of people in this tale of friendship and exploration.


Coming Soon:


You Don’t Want a Dragon

by Ame Dyckman; illustrated by Liz Climo

Want to remind your young one that dragons don’t make good pets? This one is perfect for that. Just like yours truly, the protagonist wants a pet dragon but unlike me they actually get one. And even though they are super excited, that quickly changes when they realize dragons don’t make good housemates.