Egg-cellent Books to Help You Celebrate Easter!

Easter is a time for family and friends to gather to eat, cry, laugh and celebrate life’s miracles. Here are some Egg-cellent books get in the spirit and help you celebrate Easter!


The Easter Surprise

by Jennifer Churchman and John Churchman

Fern the bunny wakes up one morning to a surprise: a beautifully decorated egg! She’s soon joined by Mo the kitten, the goslings, the puppies, and even the lambs on an egg hunt all around the farm. But who is hiding them? The baby animal friends will have to solve this Easter mystery together to find out.


Dino Duckling

by Alison Murray

Dinosaurs and Easter? Why not! Dino is born into a family of ducks, but Mama Duck knows there is plenty of love for everyone! This heartwarming story is a twist on the classic The Ugly Duckling and is sure to chirp (or roar!) its way into your heart.


10 Little Chicks

by Taylor Garland

A counting, sing-a-long book featuring not only chicks, but adorable puppies, piglets, lambs and more! Who wouldn’t want all these little cuties in their Easter basket?


Somebunny Loves You

by Rachael Hale

In this Easter-themed Paw Pals board book, little ones will read along as adorable bunnies, chicks, kittens and pups delight in the blossoming beauty of springtime. The heartwarming photographs are presented alongside sweet rhyming text that celebrates the joy of spring and Easter in all their glory.


Wolfie the Bunny

by Ame Dyckman; Illustrated by Zachariah OHora

Perfect for story time at any time, this hilarious tale illustrates the story of a family of bunnies that adopts a wolf. But no one seems to worry or be frightened, except Dot! This laugh-out-loud story is perfect for some-BUNNY to read to everyone this Easter, whether in person or virtually.


The Baby Chicks Are Singing/Los Pollitos Dicen: Sing Along in English and Spanish!

by Ashley Wolff

This illustrated edition of a traditional folk song is perfect for families to learn in both English and Spanish! With delightful pictures and side-by-side lyrics, you might just learn something new this holiday! Happy Easter! Felices Pascuas!