Graphics Novels You & Your Kid Can Read Together

Graphic novels are getting so much love now and I, for one, am happy about that. Graphic novels are great: you get artwork that fully lets you envision the world around the story without sacrificing the length of a full novel. They are a great way to transition young readers to more big kid books easily. They are perfect to read together for bedtime or as a fun activity. We have put together a list of graphic novels you and your kid can read together.


Baloney and Friends

by Greg Pizzoli

You have to meet Baloney! He’s the star of this book, along with his best buddies: empathetic Peanut the horse, sensible Bizz the bumblebee, and grumpy Krabbit— he’d rather not be here, but what can you do? Baloney and friends step into the spotlight and embody all the charm of childhood in three short tales and three mini-comics that invite readers to join the fun! Giggle with Baloney as he performs some questionable magic, give him a boost when a case of the blues gets him down, cheer him on as he braves the swimming pool. Then at the end there is an activity you and your young one can do together. You can learn to draw all the characters with clear step-by-step instructions! What more can you want?


The Big Break

by Mark Tatulli

This is a funny, refreshing, full of heart, graphic novel that captures the unique combination of growing pains and childlike wonder that defines what it means to be in middle school.

Best friends Andrew and Russ are obsessed with finding the legendary Jersey Devil, a mythical creature that supposedly lives in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, right in their own backyards. They’re even making a movie about their search but when Russ starts spending less time on their movie, and more time with artsy, first-chair violinist Tara, Andrew feels the cracks in their friendship begin to form. Suddenly, all of Andrew’s favorite things are too babyish for Russ, and Andrew is left trying to figure out where he belongs without his best friend by his side. Then a rash of Jersey Devil sightings excite their small town, and the boys are thrown back together on a fevered hunt. Can Andrew and Russ put aside their differences for one last chance to find the monster of their dreams, or will the break in their friendship be too big to mend?


Middle School Misadventures series

by Jason Platt

In this fun and imaginative graphic novel series, fast-talking, daydreaming, middle schooler Newell go on a desperate quest to pull off a great show and save his summer. And in the sequel Newell goes on another desperate quest to save his favorite hat before he meets his all-time hero.


CatStronauts series

by Drew Brockington

This series introduces readers to the CatStronauts, an elite group of CAT ASTRONAUTS! on a mission to save the world. A world populated entirely by cats, brimming with jokes, charm, science, and enough big boxes and tuna sandwiches for everyone. Meet the fearless commander Major Meowser, brave-but-hungry pilot Waffles, genius technician and inventor Blanket, and quick-thinking science officer Pom Pom as they go on many important missions. These are the Catstronauts, doing things that cats CANNOT. (There’s even a theme song!)


The Deep & Dark Blue

by Niki Smith

This graphic novel is perfect for fans of fantasy, witches and all things magic. After a terrible political coup usurps their noble house, Hawke and Grayson flee to stay alive and assume new identities, Hanna and Grayce. Desperation and chance lead them to the Communion of Blue, an order of magical women who spin the threads of reality to their will. As the twins learn more about the Communion, and themselves, they begin to hatch a plan to avenge their family and retake their royal home. While Hawke wants to return to his old life, Grayce struggles to keep the threads of her new life from unraveling, and realizes she wants to stay in the one place that will allow her to finally live as a girl.


Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean

by S.S. Taylor; illustrated by Ben Towle

Did you know graphic novels aren’t just for superheroes and hilarious middle school antics? There are non-fiction graphic novels too! It’s an engaging way to vividly learn new things.

Did you know that Amelia Earhart developed a love of flying at a very young age? Or that what began as a simple joy became something much deeper—a commitment to open doors for all women? As Amelia built a name for herself in the field of aviation—breaking numerous records along the way—she inspired future trailblazers to soar to new heights. This graphic novel focuses on Amelia’s triumphant crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1928. Panel by panel, it offers a glimpse of her relentless ambition and tireless will to promote women’s rights. Above all, it leaves us with a sense of her deep-rooted desire to touch the sky.


And for readers a little older, we have…


Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy

by Rey Terciero; illustrated by Bre Indigo

Who doesn’t love a good retelling? This one takes an old classic and brings it into modern day. At its heart this is a tale of family, sisterhood, friendship and love. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are having a really tough year: with their father serving in the military overseas, they must work overtime to make ends meet…and each girl is struggling in her own way. Whether it’s school woes, health issues, boy troubles, or simply feeling lost, the March sisters all need the same thing: support from each other. Only by coming together—and sharing lots of laughs and tears—will these four young women find the courage to discover who they truly are as individuals…and as a family.