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Happy National Tell a Story Day!

Happy National Tell a Story Day! We here at LBYR love stories, obviously! But beyond just reading stories, we also love telling them. And we love hearing when kids tell stories too! Kid stories can sometimes be very strange and very funny, and they’re important tools for kids to express themselves and flex their creative muscles! To help you and your kids celebrate National Tell a Story Day, here is our very own fill-in-the-blank story you can share! And try making your own fill-in-the-blank stories! You might be surprised just how creative you can be!


There was once a(n) (adjective)___________dragon who was (color)________. His full name was Bartholomew the (adjective)___________and (adjective)___________but everyone called him Bart for short. Bart the dragon was mostly nice, but his favorite thing was (noun)________ and could not get it in his cave. So he stole it from the neighboring kingdom, which is not very nice. Now the King wanted to send (adjective)___________knights to fight the dragon, but Princess (name)_________ had a fantastic idea. In exchange for an unlimited supply of Bart’s favorite thing, Bart would have to light the palace’s fireplaces every morning using his (color)_________ flame. So the King was happy, and Bart never stole again and was friends with everyone in the kingdom. But the palace fires smelled like (food)______ever after. Dragons don’t brush their teeth after all.