Read It & Eat It: Waffles and Pancake

We are all VERY big CatStronauts fan, so it’s no surprise that we are truly ecstatic about Drew Brockington’s first CatStronauts Kitten Adventure, Waffles and Pancake: Planetary-YUM. This early reader graphic novel follows a young CatStronaut Waffles and his sister Pancake on an adventure with Dad-Cat to the science museum. And if you’ve ever taken a trip to your local science museum (shout-out to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle—one of my favorite spots as a kid), you’ll know that no visit is ever entirely predictable.

To celebrate our love of Waffles and Pancake, we have an easy recipe to make breakfast or “brinner” a bit more out-of-this-world fun!


What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite waffle/pancake mix (I used Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix)
  • 1 Apple
  • A handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • A handful of candy corn
  • Maple syrup

Get cooking!

Whisk together your waffle/pancake mix and start cooking! While your pancakes or waffles (or BOTH!) are cooking, cut your apple into a variety of shapes. I sliced thin wedges for the mouths, triangles for ears, and strips for the whiskers. Get creative! If you have other fruits in the fridge to use up—go for it!

Once the pancakes and waffles are cooked through and the kitchen is smelling delicious, kids can decorate their cats! Place chocolate chips for eyes, a candy corn for the nose, and apple slices for ears, mouth, and whiskers.

Take a moment to admire your beautiful creation, then drizzle with maple syrup and dig in!



Learn more about Waffles and Pancake: Planetary-YUM: