The Dogs of LBYR


If you love dogs, you’ve come to the right place! A few thoughts on these wagging, four-legged friends:

1) Do you ever wonder what your dog would say if they spoke English? I have full conversations with my dog, Finn, every day but he has never once answered.

2) I frequently wish I was my dog. Finn’s only responsibilities are to give love and be loved. His days are filled with walks, naps, tasty treats, and fun toys—what more could you want?!

3) You should probably read Picture Book by Dog by Michael Relth, a cute and inspiring “auto-biographical” story of a shelter dog who finds a forever home and best friend. As someone who’s spent time volunteering as a pet publicist in a local animal shelter, I love seeing books that help break the stigma about adopting shelter dogs!


Now let’s meet the dogs of LBYR!


Lynn’s adorably giant dog, Babka.

Lynn’s dog

Name: Babka

Age: 7

Breed: Bullmastiff

Tastiest snack: Peanut butter, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe

Favorite toy: anything that dispenses treats or is covered in food

My tail is wagging the most when my owner comes home or it’s dinner time.


Sam’s fluffy puppy, Stanley.

Sam’s dog

Name: Stanley

Age: 3 months

Breed: Mini Goldendoodle

Tastiest snack: Chicken Liver treats!

Favorite toy: Hedgey (aka my stuffed Hedgehog with a squeaker)

My tail is wagging the most when people in the park don’t pay attention to me. I’m cute, why won’t they just pet me?


Bottom left: Bode in the wind; Bottom middle/right: Bode showing off his teeth; Upper left: Bode on a hike; Upper right: Bode with his best buddy, Stef.

Stef’s dog

Name: Bode 

Age: 4.5 months (and 40+ lbs!)

Breed: German Shepherd/Coonhound/Newfoundland mix! A mutt! 

Tastiest snack: Chicken. Or bacon. Or anything I find in the dirt. 

Favorite toy: Fire hose 

My tail is wagging the most when I wake up in the morning and see my family. I love to wake each person up with tons of kisses and my giant paws in their face.


Savannah’s happy, coconut-loving dog, Monkey.

Savannah’s dog

Name: Monkey (or Her Royal Highness Monkey-Shines, the Monk-ster, and Monk)

Age: 5

Breed: Rottweiler-Labrador

Tastiest snack: Buffalo treats

Favorite toy: Orange squeaky bone

My tail is wagging the most when my family is watching tv and I want to play so I throw my toys at them. Or when I find a coconut outside and proceed to destroy it. Or when one of my humans gives me tummy pats.


Left: Finn disappointed because Mara did not share her s’mores; Middle: Finn found a tree branch; Right: Finn curled up in his favorite spot between his bed and the couch.

Mara’s dog

Name: Finn

Age: 7

Breed: Golden Retriever

Tastiest snack: Peanut butter, scrambled eggs on Saturdays, ice cream

Favorite toy: I love tennis balls so much I can’t be left alone with them (because I tear them to shreds). Or paper, because I like shredding that too.

My tail is wagging the most when anyone takes out my leash to go for a walk and when I get to howl along to firetrucks.


Katie with her smiley dog, Gracie, and Princess photobombing from the backseat.

Katie’s dogs

Name: Gracie with Princess photobombing in the back!

Age: Gracie is 2 and Princess is 7

Breed: Gracie is a black lab mix and Princess is a fluffy mutt

Tastiest snack: Cheese!

Favorite toy: Anything with a squeaker, so they can destroy the squeaker

Our tails are wagging the most when family comes home.


Upper left: Pepper giving Megan a kiss on the beach; Upper right: Pepper looking too cool for school; Bottom: Pepper lounging on the couch.

Megan’s dog

Name: Pepper

Age: 4

Breed: Collie

Tastiest snack: Ark Naturals Dental Chews – we have tricked her into thinking that this dog toothpaste is a treat

Favorite toy: A corduroy fox that she tries to wrestle into submission on a nightly basis

My tail is wagging the most when Leo and Josie come home from school.