This timely gift book offers a moving new perspective on the nativity story-evoking the struggle of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus as refugees traveling in a strange land, seeking the protection and kindness of strangers.

Everyone may already know the story of how Jesus was humbly born in a manger, but Refuge is a lyrical depiction of what came next: the new family’s travels through the desert, fleeing Herod’s soldiers in order to find a safe place to welcome their son into the world. A poetic and refreshing look at the classic Christmas story that’s never been more relevant, Refuge asks readers to consider the modern day implications of being forced to flee your home country.

What's Inside

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"A moving reminder that this was a family of immigrants and refugees."
"Both seasonal and timely...tackles themes of displacement, immigration, and what it means to find a home. A touching tale, it's the perfect story to share at Christmas time."—Bustle
"[A] tale of hope and kindness."
Washington Parent
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