On the day Shirley had invited all of her relatives to dinner and Moe, her husband, was pleasantly tinkering in the yard, a flying saucer quietly landed next to their toolshed.

Shirley and Moe. Just a regular couple from Bellmore. Today, all they are expecting is a nice, quiet dinner with a few cousins. But what do they get? Spacemen! From outer space!

They don’t know it yet, but with a touch of human (and alien) kindness and a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, the galaxy is about to get a little bit smaller.

What's Inside

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One of The New York Times Book Review's Notable Books of 1988

1988 Redbook Children's Picture Book Award

An ALA Notable Book
"The genius of Arthur Yorinks's understated text is that he knows what's truly important to youngsters. . . . Arthur Yorinks's dialogue is as well-timed as the best comedy act."—Alice Miller Bregman, The New York Times Book Review
* "[T]horoughly enjoyable."—School Library Journal, starred review
* "[D]eliciously funny."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review
"[F]unny and telling. Another triumph."—The Washington Post Book World
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