This clever companion to This Is a Ball and Did You Take the B from My _ook? is the perfect read-aloud for the giggling masses who love Hervé Tullet’s Press Here, Lane Smith’s It’s a Book!, and BJ Novak’s The Book With No Pictures.

The Books That Drive Kids CRAZY! series offers parents, teachers, and storytellers a hilarious script for fun reading time with children. In book 3, This Book Is Red, something is clearly bonkers when the narrator insists that frogs and penguins are obviously the same color as lobsters–and the claims get more outrageous from there. What is up with this nonsense? Kids will demand to know–and all readers will be howling with laughter all along the way. With strikingly simple text and art, Books That Drive Kids CRAZY! are ideal picks for emergent readers.

What's Inside

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Praise for The Books That Drive Kids Crazy: This Book Is Red:
"A rollicking read for children and adults alike."—Kirkus Reviews
"More gleeful cognitive foolery from the creators of This Is a Ball and Did You Take the B from My _ook?....A storytime winner."—Booklist
Praise for Books That Drive Kids CRAZY!: Did You Take the B from My _ook?:
"A winning bit of interactive silliness that offers insight into the way small changes can have big results where words are concerned."
Publishers Weekly
Praise for Books That Drive Kids CRAZY!: This Is a Ball:
"A string of narratorial children a chance to gleefully correct the adult reading it aloud....Another metafictive storytime crowd-pleaser."
Kirkus Reviews
"Funny, clever, deliciously dry...this book encourages kids to think outside the square, and hopefully, somewhere deep in that unlimited subconscious, understand that what we see is all about perception. What a powerful thought."—Kids' Book Review (Australia)
"[The Book with No Pictures, Press Here, and Mix It Up] are international bestsellers and deservedly so, but closer to home we now have a book which is just as delightfully frustrating, clever, and nuts."—Children's Book Daily (Australia)
"Kids will fall into fits of giggles as you try to tell them a car is a bike, and they'll only stop laughing long enough to correct you or beg to hear it all again."—Newcastle Herald (Australia)
"Not only does this book encourage object recognition, it's crazy fun for your kids."—Perth's Child (Australia)
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Books That Drive Kids CRAZY!