“What’s a promise?”

When Baby Bear asks Mother Bear this important question, she promises her cub that she will feed him, play with him, and do everything she can to keep him safe. But Baby Bear has more questions: What happens if you break a promise? Can his mother promise that he will always be happy?

In this sweetly poignant story from celebrated artist David McPhail, a loving parent has just the right words for explaining that some things in life simply can’t be promised–but family love is forever.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


Praise for I Promise:

* "McPhail's lush naturescapes provide an expansive backdrop for the bears' intimate discussions and tender moments, which will be instantly recognizable to parents and children alike."—Publishers Weekly
"[An] endearing read. Thought-provoking text laces page after page of comforting and eye-catching bucolic scenes.... Great as a conversation starter, a parent-child bonding moment, or a cuddly bedtime read."—Booklist
"Ideal for starting discussions about promises and expressing motherly love."—Kirkus Reviews
"A charming book that centers on a complex subject.... soft and appealing.... A perfect choice for one-on-one sharing."—School Library Journal
Praise for All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep:
* "With meticulous inking and a palette of watercolors that glows with the soft colors of dusk and twilight, McPhail portrays an animal world where sleep is a welcome visitor and bedding down is an eloquent expression of personality."—Publishers Weekly, starred review
"McPhail's watercolors are luxuriously colorful, like a warm, luminescent blanket at bedtime."—New York Times
"McPhail's watercolor-and-ink illustrations are gorgeously serene, and the darkening evening light, depicted in washes of burgundy, gold, and teal, is beautiful."—Booklist
"McPhail's watercolor-and-ink illustrations...are consistently lovely in evoking diverse, sleepy fauna and simplified landscapes from page to page.... A sweet depiction."—Kirkus Reviews
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