This hilarious tale about problem-solving and ingenuity from bestselling author-illustrator Elise Parsley celebrates nonfiction books as a way to build skills and smarts!
All Roy the wild boar wants is to enjoy his precious patch of delicious clover . . . but every time he turns around, his tasty treasure seems to be shrinking! Who's stealing his favorite meal from right under his snout? To make the tedious job of standing guard by the clover patch day and night more bearable, Roy's neighbor Jarvis the gopher helps by lending his never-ending stash of fascinating books that absorb Roy's attention—as the patch disappears bit by bit. All of that reading makes for a very smart boar, though . . . and in a surprise table-turning twist at the end, Roy might just get the better of that sneaky clover thief!

What's Inside

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* "Parsley channels the irreverent spirit of classic Warner Bros. cartoons in this battle of wills and books, with digital drawings framed and composed to land every comic beat. And while Roy spends much of the story fuming, sulking, or throwing a tantrum, he's quite a loveable lug."—Publishers Weekly
* "An engaging and humorous first purchase, equal parts read-aloud and laugh-out-loud."—School Library Journal
"In both text and illustration, Parsley strikes a distinct, humorous tones for each character, and the twist at the end is giggleworthy and offbeat...[a] wily nod to the power of reading."—Kirkus Reviews
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