In the third book of the popular Nut Family series, keep rock and rollin' with singer-songwriter Eric Litwin — author of the first three mega-bestselling Pete the Cat books — as he invites readers to chime in and join the nutty, pun-filled fun, with a downloadable song available!

Hazel Nut and Wally Nut's playtime roll down a muddy hill turns into a hilarious chase when they get covered in so much muck that they get bigger… and bigger… until they're big as ELEPHANTS! Can anyone help get the Nuts back down to size? Eric Litwin offers an upbeat and inspiring message: What do you do when you roll into trouble? Keep rolling!

In the third book of the Nuts series, Eric Litwin's playful call-and-response rhymes and Scott Magoon's hilarious illustrations invite readers young and old to join in on the fun. Readers can go to to learn the downloadable Keep Rolling song and dance along with Eric!

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Bedtime at the Nut House
Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pants

What's Inside

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"Poor Hazel and Wally. They are tired of being tiny. But how can they get bigger quickly? By rolling in the mud, of course! They launch themselves down a mucky hill, and with each revolution a new layer of mud sticks to them, creating a larger and larger shell. A song accompanies the prescribed action: "KEEP ROLLING. / KEEP ROLLING. / KEEP ROLLING." (It's easy to imagine listeners getting into the action here.)... With repetitive refrains and plenty of mud, it's hard to go wrong."—Kirkus Reviews
Praise for Bedtime at the Nut House

?"[A] perfect storytime read... children will ask for it again and again." - School Library Journal

"Magoon's (Spoon) digital illustrations create a boisterous world for the Nut family to inhabit (their home features a ball pit and an observatory.... Pete the Cat author Litwin leans heavily on nut-related puns (while Wally and Hazel pretend to be astronauts, an off-stage voice announces, "Houston, we have a praline!" as Hazel plants a flag for the "Unutted States")... as it makes its way to a reassuring bedtime conclusion." - Publishers Weekly
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