Join a curious, imaginative, playful little boy and his band of lovable stuffed-animal friends on a nighttime adventure full of wonder and surprises.

Dragonboy and his stuffed-animal friends love exploring, and what better place to explore than their own backyard…at night. Everything looks different, everything feels different, and everything is just a little more special. The friends may feel frightened by the things they can't see, like whatever is making noises in the bushes and whoever seems to be following along behind them. But as long as they're together, they know they can do anything. They might even discover something wonderful.

Join Dragonboy, Yellow Kitty, Darwin, Drako, and Simon in their next charming adventure about everything our wonderful world has to offer.

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Praise for Dragonboy and the Wonderful Night
​An Amazon Best Book of 2022

An Amazon Best Book of September
"Overnights, library lock-ins, sleepovers, first camp-outs, or just backyard visits will be enhanced by this warm embrace of navy overhead skies and good friends."—School Library Journal
"Employs lovely imagery in description and dialogue.... The tale is beautifully augmented by inventive, detailed illustrations.... Tender, charming, and a visual delight."—Kirkus Reviews
"When a story opens with 'Once upon an evening, not too far from you…' you know you’re in for a worthy read. Dragonboy and his menagerie of mates return for a backyard adventure that continues the charm and cheer from Fabio Napoleoni’s first book. Like DragonboyWonderful Night is a beautiful, thoughtfully crafted story that, along with art that is enchanting, can easily transport you to an inspiring place."—B&N Reads
Praise for Dragonboy:
An Entertainment Weekly Best Children's Book

A Barnes & Noble Best Picture Book
"Lush acrylic paints on wood panels illustrate these adorable characters, and the rich vocabulary will stimulate discussion.... The group realizes that they may all sometimes feel sad or scared, but they all enjoy discovering new things. The underlying message: each of us is exactly as we are supposed to be."—Booklist
"Charming illustrations pair beautifully with a subtle message of identity and acceptance when Dragonboy (a wildly imaginative child who prefers to be a dragon) ventures on a journey with his plushy pals where they discover how that which makes us different, makes us exactly who we're supposed to be. "—Maureen Lee Lenker, Entertainment Weekly
"A charming journey of discovery, friendship, and acceptance."—Kirkus Reviews
"The debut author-illustrator’s acrylic-on-wood-panel illustrations have a sweet-natured theatricality...and conjure up a green and sunny world, where even a dark forest of twisty trees looks inviting and there’s all the time in the world to count the daisies."—Publishers Weekly
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