Learn all about trees, leaves, and their inner workings in this colorful, favorite picture book by award-winning nonfiction author and illustrator Gail Gibbons.

Trees shelter and surround us. Their leaves offer shade from the hot summer sun. In autumn, they dazzle us with color. In winter, they stand tall against a cold and snowy background. Trees may look solitary, but each one is teeming with life.

Tell Me, Tree is a child's guide to the wide variety of trees that surround us, including how to identify them the structure of trees, with cut-away illustrations and labels. The book also includes an explanation of photosynthesis and a special section on how to make a tree identification book of your own. Tell Me, Tree, is the perfect read for Earth Day and Arbor Day, and for nature-lovers year-round.

"In this simple, informative book, Gibbons provides a basic guide that is sure to please parents and teachers as well as children." — Booklist

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What's Inside

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"A very fine introduction to trees for beginning and challenged readers. Gibbons, in her usual careful manner, discusses tree seeds and tree parts, including stems, bark, roots, and leaves...  Her trademark pen-and-watercolor drawings appear on every page, complementing and extending the text. A dozen trees are included in the "Identifying Trees" section showing leaves, bark, and the full tree outline -- a terrific tool for adults, too. She concludes with directions for collecting and pressing leaves and making bark rubbings and a page of interesting facts... Sure to please."—Kirkus Reviews
"This inviting, oversized book lives up to its subtitle. The large watercolor pictures, peopled by children of various ethnic backgrounds, make it a perfect book for classroom sharing."—School Library Journal
"In this large-format guide, Gibbons discusses the parts of a tree and their functions, the growth of trees, and the different types of trees... The bright watercolor illustrations show cheerful children and adults observing, planting, using, and enjoying many kins of trees. In this simple, informative book, Gibbons provides a basic guide that is sure to please parents and teachers as well as children."—Booklist
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