Good Dream Dragon

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Oct 25, 2022

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Good Dream Dragon comes to the rescue in easing a child’s bedtime fears in this magical story featuring a nonbinary child. 

When a young child is afraid to go to sleep, they call on the Good Dream Dragon to help lead the way. Together, the pair race past comets as they travel through the night galaxy, making their way to the magical world of Dreamland. 

This soothing bedtime story celebrates imagination as a way to help alleviate a child’s bedtime jitters. It is a gentle reminder to children that comfort is always within reach.  

What's Inside

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Praise for Good Dream Dragon:

"Unable to sleep, a child summons the help of the 'Good Dream Dragon' in this fairy tale–like story of nighttime hijinks…. With a final allusion to bravery, Davis lightly inserts emotion into what’s otherwise a pleasantly straightforward bedtime aid."—Publishers Weekly
"The concept of the Good Dream Dragon will reassure little ones who might have nighttime or bad-dream anxiety…. Dreamland itself is, fittingly, safe and whimsical. The illustrations are soft with twilight purples and playful patchwork scenery. The idea of a protective dream guide is perfect for the preschool crowd, often newly aware of nighttime fears. Sweet and gentle, an ideal bedtime read."—Kirkus Reviews
"With endpapers featuring cupcakes, pink pigs, friendly cows, and sprinkled cookies, this book will have children on the path to sweet dreams before they have turned a single page.... It’s all as soothing as can be, and will send any child off to peaceful dreams.... A satisfying tale sure to enlist the imaginations of young listeners for a pleasant bedtime."—SLJ
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