The bestselling, dynamic duo of Mac Barnett and Adam Rex creatively spar as they battle to tell a tantalizing tale in this clever comedy sketch that breaks "the fourth wall".

Meet Chloe: Every week, she collects loose change so she can buy tickets to ride the merry-go-round. But one fateful day, she gets lost in the woods on her way home, and a large dragon leaps out from—"Wait! It's supposed to be a lion," says Mac Barnett, the author of this book. But Adam Rex, the illustrator, thinks a dragon would be so much cooler (don't you agree?). Mac's power of the pen is at odds with Adam's brush, and Chloe's story hangs in the balance. Can she help them out of this quandary to be the heroine of her own story?

"Twisty plotting, irreverent dialogue, visual hilarity, and sophisticated book design…an arch package." —Booklist

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What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


* "Children old enough to understand the constructs of a book will delight in the comedic deconstruction, and adults will enjoy the references to traditional tales, from King Arthur to Frankenstein... Use this book to teach point of view and collaborative process."—School Library Journal
"The fourth wall is broken to bits in this meta-musing on the creation of a picture book....Storytelling tropes abound, skewered one after another by Chloe's infallible wherewithal, until she secures her just reward. As entertainment the story functions well, combining twisty potting, irreverent dialogue, visual hilarity, and sophisticated book design into an arch package. But beneath the silly surface, children will find a meaningful exposition of just what goes into a successful picture book, and how author, illustrator, and character must collaborate and compromise."—Booklist
"Take a vaudeville stage with some flimsy painted scenery, two clay figures that represent Barnett and Rex (Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem), a brash and bespectacled heroine named Chloe (hand-drawn), a lion (also drawn), and some walk-on characters, and you've got a comedy sketch in picture-book form about the chaos involved in collaborative storytelling....Rat-a-tat dialogue and fresh visuals should keep it at the top of the bedtime pile."—Publishers Weekly
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