How This Book Was Made

Award Award icon Junior Library Guild Selection, 2017

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Beloved, bestselling creators Mac Barnett and Adam Rex team up again, this time to reveal the nitty gritty process of making a book…with a few unexpected twists along the way!

You may think you know how this book was made, but you don't. Sure, the author wrote many drafts, and the illustrator took a long time creating the art, but then what? How'd it get into your hands? Well, open the cover and read through these pages to find out. Just beware of the pirates and angry tiger. Budding writers and artists will laugh at the mix of reality and the absurd as the story makes its way to a shelf…and eventually, to a reader.

"Fans of these wacky creators will eat it up." —School Library Journal

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What's Inside

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"From the mixed-media cover art to the closing tiger-print endpapers, Barnett and Rex's surreal digressions and visual humor ensure that the tale will not follow a straightforward course. (At one point, illiterate pirates hijack the story for a single spread before vamoosing because they don't read.).... The joke density in a volume that includes an arm-wrestling tiger and Ben Franklin scaling Philadelphia's city hall like King Kong will keep many readers flipping the pages.... This quirky exercise in self-reflexiveness offers a nugget of truth about the laborious process of producing books. Fans of these wacky creators will eat it up."—School Library Journal
"Barnett and Rex, no strangers to metafiction, have outdone themselves in terms of tongue-in-cheekiness... Young audience members will love every over-the-top moment."—The Horn Book
"Rex's mixed-media illustrations keep up with the text and pack in plenty of chuckles."—Kirkus Reviews
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