The creators of Brains On!, the award-winning science podcast for kids, present a humorous, fact- and fun-filled look at the effects of plastic on Earth and how young readers can help protect their planet. Perfect for STEM enthusiasts!

Hi Friend,
It’s me, Earth! I hope you like living on me, but we need to talk.
I need your help to solve a BIG problem…You’re covering me with plastic!
But don’t worry, I know you’ve got my back—after all, you do live on it.
Love, Your Earth Friend Forever

Told in the form of a letter from Earth to the reader, this humorous picture book takes an in-depth look at how the actions of humans, particularly their use of plastic, is impacting the planet and how they can make simple changes in their every day life to help protect the place they call home. Additional back matter includes a letter from the reader to Earth, information on what plastic is and how it's made, and scientific solutions that are currently in the works.

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What's Inside

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"A playful expression of a serious concern, hopeful enough to be suitable even for the read-aloud crowd."

Kirkus Reviews
"[This book] brings warmth and humor to STEM content and invites approachable environmental action by young readers who may share an invigorated sense of loyalty to their pleading pal Earth."—Booklist
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"A grab bag of bio-wonders."—Kirkus Reviews
"This eye-catching and engaging offering will perk up STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, medicine) collections and will appeal to browsers and researchers alike."—Booklist
"Science and humor come together to create a title that will be picked up again and again."—School Library Journal
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