Brains On! Presents...Road Trip Earth

Explore Our Awesome Planet, from Core to Shore and So Much More

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The creators of the award-winning science podcast for kids, Brains On!, take readers on a humorous, highly illustrated, fact- and fun-filled journey through Earth—from the core, to the outer atmosphere, and everywhere in between. Perfect for STEM enthusiasts!

​Did you ever wonder why volcanoes erupt? Or why the ocean is salty? How about why no two snowflakes are the same?

Embark on an epic road trip to find the answers to these burning questions and more! The Brains On! team is traveling from deep inside the earth, through the oceans, the land, the clouds, and even into the outer atmosphere in their high-tech ride—to uncover the coolest facts, strangest mysteries, and most incredible marvels of our planet.

Packed with scientific research, mind-boggling trivia, and laugh-out-loud jokes, this highly illustrated fact-filled exploration of the earth promises a brain-bending, jaw-dropping, belly-laughing good time that curious kids and budding scientists won’t be able to resist.

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What's Inside

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"This title treats readers to an enjoyable tour of different parts of Earth… While cartoon-like illustrations keep the mood light, the text and illustrations clearly explain the topics under discussion."—School Library Connection

"Facts and fancy combine for a planetary road trip to remember."

Kirkus Reviews
Praise for Brains On! Presents...It's Alive:
"A grab bag of bio-wonders."—Kirkus Reviews
"This eye-catching and engaging offering will perk up STEMM (science, technology, engineering, math, medicine) collections and will appeal to browsers and researchers alike."—Booklist
"Science and humor come together to create a title that will be picked up again and again."—School Library Journal
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