How Did I Get Here?

Your Story from the Big Bang to Your Birthday

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From the Big Bang to your birthday, and (almost) everything in between, this funny and informative book tells your story.

You are one of the newest members of a family tree that goes way, way, way back to the very first life on Earth. A lot of incredible things had to happen between the beginning of the universe and today in order to make you. The fact that you (and everyone you know) are here is nothing short of mind-boggling! Read this book to discover how it happened, and prepare to be amazed by the awesomeness of you.

This clever, funny, and scientific timeline of the journey of human existence is designed to get young readers asking questions, finding answers, and marveling at the many wonders of our world, from the Big Bang, to evolution, to a brand-new baby, and more.

What's Inside

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"This lighthearted, informative a journey through time and space worth taking."—Publishers Weekly
"Ambitious...succeeds on all fronts. An appealing picture book."
"Wide-eyed, dot-pupiled life forms deftly [deliver] the message that every bit of matter is in this together."—BCCB
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