Families can come in all shapes and sizes, and this heartwarming picture book affirms that no matter what your family looks like, love is the most important part!

Hi, I'm Rumi.
Some of my friends have one mom and one dad.
Some have one mom or one dad.
I have two dads. Daddy and Dada.

Daddy sings songs with me. Dada reads me stories.
Every family is different.
And that's pretty cool.

This sweet, open-hearted book began as a love letter from authors Ryan Brockington and Isaac Webster to their daughter—and became a joyous celebration of love, family, and acceptance for all to read and share.

What's Inside

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"I adore Daddy & Dada because it celebrates every kind of beautiful family. It happens to be written by one of my favorite couples on the planet, who fought hard to make their family, and wanted to share the love and warmth of their home with the world."—Anna Kendrick, actor and bestselling author
"To know Isaac and Ryan is to experience the very definition of the unconditional love they have for each other and especially their dear kids. Daddy & Dada reinforces the fact that the love we give and share in a family comes in many different forms. It is not only a beautiful book but an important one for parents and kids alike."—Antoni Porowski, chef, actor and bestselling author
"Daddy & Dada is a book that celebrates family in all its glorious forms. Not just the ones we are born into, but also the ones we choose to create. Daddy & Dada belongs to each one of us, proving that every kind of love is worthy and the best families come in all shapes and sizes."—Benj Pasek, writer and bestselling author
"Seeing different types of families and it not being a big deal is actually rare in children’s books—diversity is everything. Seeing ourselves represented is the best way to educate through love, which is what Ryan and Isaac have effortlessly managed to do with Daddy & Dada."—Michelle Buteau, actor and bestselling author
"Daddy & Dada is a charming and important book about families coming in all shapes and sizes."—Cheyenne Jackson, actor and singer
"A beautifully kid-friendly introduction to an early-21st-century constellation of family shapes.... A straightforward and nonjudgmental validation of many LGBTQ+ and other family structures."—Kirkus Reviews
"Inspired by the authors’ daughter, this straightforward tale details different family structures.... [Includes] a cast of varying abilities, ages, skin tones, and partner pairs eating ice cream, playing sports, and getting musical, as well as finding family among friends."—Publishers Weekly
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